• Fontium is web font icon focused on a simple and easy way. Anybody can use it faster and more easily.
    It can be possible to operate hundreds of vector icons with only CSS and to edit it easily with only a simple tag.

    Challenge a new experience through Fontium.
    Fontium is the right answer for planners, programmers, and designers.
  • 800 over font icons

    Fontium has over 800 fonts and
    offers the most web font icons.
  • Expandability

    It’s not an existing bitmap but a vector method.
    It can show a clear image,
    even if its size is changed.
  • Convenience

    Search fast, click, copy an icon what you need,
    and use it after pasting.
  • Compatibility

    Fontium is produced in consideration
    of compatibility with other packages
    such as Font Awesome.
  • Diversity

    It can be used to handle not only
    a payment and a rough map
    but also domestic and foreign brands.
  • CSS controls

    You can operate its colors, sizes,
    rotation with only CSS without Java Script.
Fontium Icons
Application method of Fontium
  • 1. Download Fontium from our homepage.
  • 2. Copy Fontium onto folder named Fontium in your web application.
        (Suppose that it was placed /tonisj/fontium.)
  • 3. The folder structure you downloaded is below.
        fontium/fonts/fontium.ttf, fontium.eot, fontium.woff, fontium.woff2
  • 4. Specify a location for fontium.min.css file as follows.
  • < link rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" href = "/common/fontium/css/fontium.css" />
  • 5. Apply Fountium into the project easily using Search Fontium icons.

  • *If you want to know more application methods, please check our homepage.

Fontium Download

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